Accounts payable

Trussville City Council Approves One-Time Bonus, Discusses Alabama’s Fallen Warriors Monument

By Hannah Curran, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE – The Trussville City Council approved a one-time bonus for city retirees and surviving beneficiaries and discussed some updates with the Alabama Fallen Warriors Monument at the Tuesday, 28 city council meeting. June.

Mayor Buddy Choat. (Photo by Hannah Curran)

The council approved legislation in support of resolution 2022-229 to provide a one-time bonus for city retirees and beneficiaries of deceased retirees.

The City of Trussville agrees to provide all necessary funds to the Employee Retirement System to cover the cost of the one-time lump sum payment as provided by law for eligible retirees and beneficiaries of deceased retirees of the City of Trussville with the aforesaid lump sum being paid in October 2022. The said expenses will be charged to the budget for the financial year 2023.

Mayor Buddy Choat also updated the community on Alabama’s Fallen Warrior Monument. Choat explained that the project is estimated at around $150,000.

“They raised $65,000 already,” Choat said. “More has been promised since it was handed to me last Thursday, I believe. Another $13,000 has been committed to the project.

Three major donations came from community support, with Amerex donating $25,000, Joe Knight donating $5,000, and SPOC Automation donating $5,000.

“I love to see our businesses and our industrial park also being involved in a major way in this project,” said board member Lisa Bright.

Several items have been completed for engineering and design, such as soil testing, property survey, structural engineering design and construction drawings, and the construction team has been selected.

“Milam and Blalock will work together on this project,” Choat said.

Many items have already been purchased, such as a 50-foot flagpole, battlefield military cross, non-hostile death cobblestones, and military service branch cobblestones.

Choat also discussed with council that the administration is preparing to move to the former Board of Education (BOE) building to prepare for the start of the Town Hall refurbishment.

“We’ve taken a pretty big step in that direction,” Choat said. “Computing has already taken a few steps, and we have carpet, paint and furniture in the works.”

The aim is for everything to be complete for the administration to move to the BOE by August 1, 2022.

In other areas, council member Perry Cook said the city council is working to find the best course of action for the pickleball courts.

“We had a lot of great ideas presented and a lot of great things discussed at the Parks and Recreation meeting last week,” Cook said. “I think the main takeaway from the meeting was that everyone wanted pickleball courts, but location seems to be an issue.”

Choat responded to concerns that the Trussville pickleball courts were becoming a “mega facility.”

“Nothing has ever told me about expansion, and I have no intention of expanding these 12 courts,” Choat said. “I never even thought of it until it was mentioned at the Parks and Recreation meeting. The site was selected strictly for 12 pickleball courts.

Council member Alan Taylor said the hardest part of serving on council is hearing all the feedback from citizens who are for or against and trying to make the best decision.

“evNot everyone will be happy wherever they go, I can promise you that wherever it is, someone will not be happy,” Taylor said.

In other matters, the Board approved:

  • Proclamation honoring Riley Quick;
  • FIRST READING ONLY – Ordinance to rezone 7432 Roper Road to R-1 (Single Family) from R-6 (Single Family – Mobile Home);
  • FIRST READING ONLY – Ordinance to re-zone 132 Glen Cross Circle and abutting undeveloped lot on Wisteria Trace to RG (garden) from A-1 (agricultural);
  • FIRST READING ONLY – Order to re-zone 7097 Happy Hollow Road to A-1 (Agricultural) from CP (Commercial Preferred);
  • Resolution to provide a single premium to city retirees and surviving beneficiaries, as permitted by Law 2022-229;
  • Resolution to reward a tender for the delivery of a prefabricated metal building to Hooper & Chandler;
  • Accept the resignation of Trussville Redevelopment Authority Chairman David Morgan;
  • Hire Mary Brewer as Seasonal Lifeguard (Grade 7 – Stage 2), effective June 23, 2022;
  • Hire Max Cooper as a part-time unclassified worker at the Civic Center (Grade 7 – Stage 2), effective July 2, 2022;
  • Hire Jeremy Thomas as a full-time paramedic firefighter (Year 19 – Echelon 2F), effective July 2, 2022; and
  • Hire Kennedy Cross as a part-time Gymnastics Instructor (Grade 12—Step 1), effective July 2, 2022.

Audit of accounts:

  • Accounts payable;
  • 2022 ASCE/APWA Summer Meetings for Wayne Sullivan, City Engineer and Director of Public Works, July 13-15 in Orange Beach. $400 registration fee plus accommodation;
  • Pat McCarthy Street Crimes Course for Officer Stephen Jordan, Oct. 10-12 at Hoover. registration fee of $450;
  • Public Information Officer Conference for Police Lt. Clint Riner, Aug. 28-31, Clearwater, Fla.;
  • City Clerks’ Fall Institute for City Clerk Dan Weinrib, Oct. 19-21 in Tuscaloosa. $265 registration fee plus accommodation; and
  • 2022 Alabama Association of Municipal Clerks & Administrators Annual Convention for City Clerk Dan Weinrib, November 30-December 2 in Florence, Ala. $265 registration fee plus accommodation.

The next Trussville City Council meeting will be Tuesday, July 12 starting at 6 p.m.