Trailing of the Sheep festival celebrates the story of sheep migration

HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – The 25th Sheep Trail Festival is underway in the Wood River Valley, celebrating the history of the beloved animal.

While the festival has only been around for 25 years, sheep have been in this region for over 150 years.

The whole weekend is a celebration of the migration patterns that existed in the Wood River Valley long before humans, when sheep and their herders migrated from their summer mountain ranges to their winter desert country. .

The festival started out as a way to educate and continue on the legacy of the sheep and their families, as well as to enjoy a fall weekend in the valley.

“Our festival is not a re-enactment, we didn’t transport any sheep by truck,” said Laura Musbach Drake, executive director. “And then the sheep that are in the parade on Sunday have grazed in the mountains all summer. They come out of the mountains and instead of taking them on the sheep trail leading to this little space, we put them on Main Street to celebrate them. This is the living history of Idaho and not a reenactment.

The Great Sheep Parade will begin Sunday at noon on Main Street in Ketchum and feature 1,500 sheep.

They want to remind everyone not to bring your dog for the safety of the sheep.

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