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The council of aldermen has put in place a curfew for the door-to-door – Picayune Item

During Thursday’s Poplarville Alderman’s Council meeting, members approved motions to allow fireworks for CEP Homecoming festivities and establish a Halloween curfew.

Council approved a request submitted by Pearl River Community College and Artisan Pyrotechnics to waive the need for a bidding process for an on-campus fireworks display within city limits. This display will be set up by Artisan Pyrotechnics October 7, as part of the PRCC reunion festivities.

A motion was also approved by the board to establish a curfew for the Halloween door-to-door. This curfew is scheduled for Saturday, October 30 at 9 p.m.

The Board also approved the authorization of a money transfer services agreement with Hancock Whitney Bank. The agreement will allow the issuance of funds from the City’s main account and the accounts payable clearing account to pay vendors as needed.

Also during the meeting, Public Works employee Darius Menaces received a promotion and a salary increase from $ 12.00 to $ 13.92 per hour by the Board. Threats has been promoted from street worker to street operator effective October 9, 2021. The Commission will authorize a job offer for a street worker at the rate of $ 12.00 per hour.

A resolution declaring the relocation and replacement of a buried water main in Juniper Creek near 1644 Dupont Harts Chapel Road was also approved by Council. The case concerns an emergency purchase authorized by the Mississippi Code. The cost of $ 18,260 will be paid to ABC Utility Company.

The year-end claim file for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021 was approved in the amount of $ 228,413. Of that total, $ 126,000 was used to purchase the old Mississippi Power Company building.

The Touch-a-Truck event will take place on October 9, 2021. It will be held during the Chamber of Commerce Pumpkin Patch event at City Square Park. Mary Alexander, who represents Poplarville First United Methodist Church, will lead the Touch-a-Truck event. The event will feature vehicles and personnel from the Poplarville Police and Fire Departments. Touch-a-Truck was originally scheduled for August 3, 2021 for the Sweet Mississippi Tea Festival, but that event has been canceled.

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