Southern European solar greenhouses adapt their production to new consumption habits

Ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables, miniature and seedless watermelons, organic produce and gourmet tomatoes are just a few of the trends shoppers are asking for.

The production of fruit and vegetables from solar greenhouses in southern Spain is constantly evolving to meet the changing tastes and needs of consumers. New shoppers range from those looking for exclusive, gourmet products to singles who like healthy ready-to-eat snacks or like to try something new to enhance their dishes. New consumers are also attentive to sustainable production from a social and environmental point of view.

The merger of the production organizations of Cute Solar emphasizes: “The production of fruits and vegetables from the solar greenhouses of Almería and Granada testifies to the capacity of local producers to innovate and adapt to new consumer trends. This coalition has produced a report on “Solar greenhouses and new consumer habits”, which examines the main consumer trends and how solar greenhouses are adapting to these new market niches. The main conclusions are:

  1. Gourmet and exclusive products
  2. Minis as a healthy snack
  3. Products that adapt to single-person households
  4. New varieties for new tastes

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