Rick Riordan Shares New Image Of Percy Jackson Ahead Of Big Production Week

Percy Jackson and the Olympians continues its mythical momentum. The series is already in full production, as it is currently in its third month of production in Vancouver, but took the time last week to celebrate the titular character’s canonical birthday. Author Rick Riordan, star Walker Scobell, and even the Empire State Building itself celebrated August 18 with official images, appropriate blue cupcakes, and an Olympus-style light show. Even with all of these freebies, one freebie was notably absent: a debut trailer. This is because despite having “until chapter nine” of The Lightning Thief filmed, it is still “far, far, far too early” for the footage to be revealed to the public. With anniversary celebrations in the rear view, the Percy Jackson the cast and crew are back in the production driver’s seat.

Ahead of a highly anticipated shoot, Riordan took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes image of his producer’s chair. “Just another manic Monday on set with Percy Jackson!” Riordan wrote in the caption. “A beautiful sunny day – there are worse ways to start the work week!”

While this particular image doesn’t reveal anything new from the live-action serialized adaptation of Riordan’s best-selling novels, it does kick off what should be a big week for Percy Jackson. Golden minkthe working title of the show, is filming today at Westminster Pier Park in New Westminster, British Columbia.

The SHOOTING NOTICE sheet notably reveals that an “aerial drone” will be used during filming, leading many to speculate that it could be the Gateway Arch scene from The Lightning Thief. Fans of the book this first season is based on will recognize the famous St. Louis landmark as the spectacle of Percy’s battle with Echidna and the Chimera. Although it’s one of the most cinematic scenes in the novel, this moment hasn’t yet seen a live-action because the 2010 film adaptation didn’t include it.

The Ark arrives in chapter 13 of The Lightning Thief, which corresponds to the situation of the series in terms of production. Although it’s “through chapter nine” as of August 13, Riordan pointed out that filming isn’t always sequential.

“Day to day, we don’t necessarily film in strict chronological order,” Riordan wrote earlier this month. “If, for example, there are scenes that take place on a city street in two different episodes, we can film them at the same time because it’s more efficient that way.”

Chances are chapters 10-12 will be filmed at a later date rather than scrapped altogether. Chapter 11 welcomes Medusa into the fold, and recent set videos indicate that the snake-haired lady will make her presence felt in this series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is currently in production and has no release date.