Oklahoma, Calif., Increases incentives for film and television production

Oklahoma Boosts Biz Services

Oklahoma received a big boost this year thanks to A24 Oscar winner “Minori,” who toured the state, creating 180 jobs around Tulsa. Additional filming took place in the communities of Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Skiatook and Rose. In 2020, Oklahoma declared the film and television production sector – and the recording industry – critical businesses, allowing the state to host 33 productions, and at the end of May, the state increased the cash back available for film and television production, from $ 8 million to $ 30 million per year until 2031. The new legislation provides for a base rate of 20% with the possibility of reaching 38% in the form of cash back.

The state strengthened its production infrastructure with the opening of Green Pastures Studios and the Oklahoma Film and Television Academy in Spencer. This year, Prairie Surf Media launched Prairie Surf Studios in downtown Oklahoma City.

The state also offers a sales tax exemption on goods or services related to production, with no minimum budget or expense requirement. “

California adds to its war chest

In May, California Governor Gavin Newson made the Golden State even more competitive for producers, adding $ 30 million to the state’s $ 330 million film and television tax incentive program. More productions are coming back online in California in recent months as the state’s immunization program saw 40% of its population fully vaccinated in late May. There are more openings in Los Angeles County and COVID prevention measures have been relaxed ahead of the state’s full reopening on June 15.

“It’s an opportunity for all of these productions, TV and the like, in places like Georgia whose values ​​don’t necessarily always match the production teams, to consider moving back to the state of California,” Newsom said. during a press conference announcing the Reinforce.

In April, the California Film Commission announced that HBO’s “The Flight Attendant” was moving from New York to Golden State for its second season, while TBS sitcom “Chad” was moving to California from British Columbia. According to the film commission, the two series are on track to generate $ 58.3 million in combined qualifying expenses – below-line salaries and payments to state vendors.

Winnipeg’s Big Sky aims high

Canada’s burgeoning production scene will have a new player in Winnipeg with Big Sky Studios, which is aiming for a fall opening. Located on nearly 9 acres, the existing 137,000 square foot building is being redeveloped to house a sound stage, production offices, meeting rooms, workshops, on-site equipment rentals and specialized areas. for different film departments. Construction will begin soon on two new sound stages, adding 30,000 square feet of filming space.

Manitoba Film and Media Tax Credit offers up to 65% on Manitoba labor, or up to 38% on eligible Manitoba expenses – one of the most competitive tax credits in Canada.

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