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Final Girls have been an iconic staple of horror films from Lila Crane in psychopath, but their male counterparts are often overlooked. Nonetheless, there is a solid stable of End Boys to draw from in horror movie history, and with the pre-existing intellectual property rebooted seemingly every day, it begs the question how these roles might be interpreted in the 2021 remakes.

The Last Boy in a Horror Movie looks a lot like The Last Girl, a trope established in the 1960s but only given a proper name in the 90s. He is the Last Man standing after the Terrors mortalities of the wicked have been appeased. After a feature film (and a significant number of bodies), this hero usually faces off against the main antagonist and wins. Whether it’s Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, or an entire army of undead, not all movie villains are matched against these beefy or smart boys.

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A whole gallery of naughty actors have brought these survivors to life over the decades. If in many ways their performances are irreplaceable, current cinema trends show that nothing is too long sacred. In case of remakes, reboots, or any kind of re-imagining, here are the best 2021 storyline castings for the most iconic final boys.

Nicolas Cage as Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)

There is only one Ash Williams; Bruce Campbell created the role in the original Sam Raimi Devilish death and his indelible and engaged performance has been inextricably linked to the character ever since, making two film sequels, a remake and a TV series. His square jaw, prominent male figure, and straightforward approach to the zombie-fighting hero have made him an iconic flagship for a whole slew of disgusting ghouls and gags over the years, and a hard act to follow. Fortunately, there is only one man for the job, and his name is Nicolas Cage.

Cage is a somewhat controversial actor. After winning the Oscar for Best Actor in 1996 for Leaving Las Vegas, he tackled a seemingly endless supply of high and low level projects, directing many (including characters from an infamous episode of Community) to wonder whether or not he is a good actor. It’s true that he turned in a bizarre mix of both phenomenal performances (Raise Arizona, Moononstruck, ass kick) and embarrassing (Left behind, Ghost Rider, and the 2006 remake of The wicker man). However, whoever caught it in 2018 Mandy, in which he rides the camp line while fighting a sword with a chainsaw and lighting a cigarette on a burning decapitated head, knows he is the perfect man for the job. Seeing him struggling in a kitchen fighting with a disembodied hand would be a cinematic highlight for the ages.

Jacob Tremblay as Tommy Jarvis (Friday the 13th)

While Tommy Jarvis does not appear in the first Friday 13 film, he becomes a central figure in three of his sequels, starting with Friday the 13th: the last chapter. In this film, it is about a young boy whose parents are murdered by Jason Voorhees, left for another murderous rampage. Realizing that he and his sister Trish are the last ones standing, he shaves his head to look like Jason as a child, luring the villain into a trap and then slicing him with a machete. Discovered bald, bloody and holding his weapon of choice, he was taken to a clinic for rehabilitation.

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This last disturbed boy was originally played by Corey Feldman, whose appearances in films such as The Goonies, Support me, and The lost boys would soon cement him as one of the biggest childhood stars of the era. One of his most noticeable contemporaries in 2021 is undoubtedly Jacob Tremblay, whose brilliant performance as Jack in 2015 Bedroom earned him an awards trophy. Tremblay’s continued work has proven its reach both dramatically (2017 Wonder) and comedic (the underrated comedy of 2019 Good boys). He even plays a fish in the next Disney movie. Little Mermaid remake! Alas, he’s never had the chance to be an old-fashioned machete, and seeing his bloodstained cherub face and smiling with insane vengeance seems like the perfect antidote to it.

Misha Osherovich as Jesse (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

While Jesse only appears in one chapter of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, it left an undeniable mark on the horror genre in general. The only latest boy in a series notable for his resourceful and provocative women, his appearance has influenced some to call his entry “the most gay horror movie of all time. This can be attributed as much to the locked-in actor Will Patton’s “Scream King” performance as it does to a whole slew of queer sub-texts throughout the film – phallic candles dripping wax on his naked body, a scene at an S&M bar, and Jesse’s panicking flight after an unsuccessful attempt to kiss his girlfriend. Back then, Patton was humiliated and the movie ridiculed, but now it’s adopted as an LGBTQ staple. As such, a revival of Jesse deserves a proud and proud performer.

Misha Osherovich doesn’t have many films under her belt yet, but her recent turn as Joshua in the 2020 slasher comedy Weird shows remarkable aptitude for comedy, pathos and (of course) screaming. Best of all, he’s an outright queer character portrayed affectionately and non-judgmentally by a queer actor. Identifying herself as non-binary, Misha Osherovich has the right balance of non-parody camp to resurrect Jesse and bring him to a more tolerant age.

Ashton Sanders as Charley Brewster (Fright Night)

Charley Brewster is not your typical monster hunter. Featured in Night of dread, Charley is a bit of a small town nerd, and his favorite pastime of watching late-night horror movie marathons is put to good use when his neighbor turns out to be a vampire. Originally portrayed by William Ragsdale, the role was taken over by the late Anton Yelchin in a 2011 remake. So the role calls for a kind of interesting, “calm waters flowing deep”Type of actor, both believable as a high school wallflower and someone who can drop out Nosferatu.

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In Moonlight, Ashton Sanders was one of the biggest breakouts in a cast full of them. Playing the role of middle chapter Chiron, his face was a canvas betraying deep wounds and deep-seated insecurities, which melted into sweet relief in a romantic encounter by the beach. Since then, he has played opposite Denzel Washington in Equalizer 2, and beautifully folded throughout this year Judas and the Black Messiah. Young actor with a long and varied career ahead of him, he deserves to relax, have fun and roast vampires.

Alan S. Kim as Andy (Child’s Play)

Currently breaking hearts and taking names Minari, Alan S. Kim is the latest child star phenomenon to appear on screen. Absolutely adorable in a pair of cowboy boots and a yellow tank top, her endearing performance contributes to the undeniable heart and soul of Lee Isaac Chung’s heartwarming film about Korean immigrants and the American Dream. The last thing you want to happen to her is to be terrorized by a killer doll, and yet the image is too good to deny.

Child’s play, the story of the battle of a boy named Andy with a harmless but murderous toy named Chucky, was already remade recently in 2019. Alas, despite moderate box office success and generally positive reviews, it is not a film that has greatly resisted the public conscience. Arguably what was missing was Kim as Andy, and seeing this winning and adorable revolutionary actor lead a children’s revolution to defeat villainous Chucky would anchor a worthy remake of the franchise.

Kelvin Harrison, Jr. as Alex Browning (Final Destination)

Alex Browning is the last prophetic survivor of the original’s main set Final destination. After correctly predicting a horrific plane explosion, he and six passengers who were kicked off the plane before it left become the target of a murderous calculation that begins to take out the actors one by one. Chased by death throughout the film, Alex somehow escapes his fate, becoming the actual last boy in the series’ first installment.

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Aside from being portrayed as a shy and attractive kid who doesn’t want to die, Alex doesn’t have many other defining characteristics, which makes him the perfect vessel for an up-and-coming movie star who needs a franchise. No one currently working deserves this franchise more than Kelvin Harrison, Jr., whose 2019 double Luce and Waves announced the arrival of a major talent. In 2020, he proved he wasn’t just an independent darling, playing Illinois Black Panthers frontman Fred Hampton in The Chicago 7 trial and overflowing with charm as a singer-songwriter in The high note. His easy-going charm, movie star charisma, and seemingly limitless range make him a prime candidate to lead a franchise. horror movie reboot, as long as he doesn’t stay too long away from the indie scene.

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