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Moody County Company | Pool opening set, future golf course in limbo

Among the biggest news to come out of the Flandreau town council meeting last week, or at least one of the lightest and funniest updates to provide you with, is that the Flandreau town swimming pool will open the weekend of May 30 this spring.
The exact date has yet to be set as pool upgrades continue to be made. Officials are also finalizing this year’s team of lifeguards and ensuring that everyone is trained and certified in their respective roles.
In the meantime, city staff, including City Administrator Jeff Pederson, assistant and new City Administrator Cohl Turnquist, and even Mayor Dan Sutton, have stepped in to help get the building freshly painted. . The team is collectively trying to ensure that all annual updates to the facility are done in a timely manner given the shortage of public works staff. Those who were there to help when the weather permitted last week, drained the pool and worked to get the filters and the pool itself cleaned and ready for the season.
Also heard at the last city council:
An update on nuisance violations in the city as a new set of citations came out last week. The new set of citations follows a citywide investigation in September 2021 where 52 property owners were notified of nuisance violations. Violations range from scrap metal in yards and inoperable/unlicensed automobiles to dilapidated structures.
To date, Moody County Enterprise is informed that 20 of the properties have become compliant. About 8 did not respond to multiple notifications. The rest of them, Pederson said, responded to their notices and got extensions. They will be reviewed on May 1. For those who have not responded or made no progress on their extension, the City will issue a Reduction Order, which allows the City to reduce nuisance or impose fines for non-compliance. .
Note that a new golf working group would meet for the first time on Wednesday evening. Members of this task force include Dick Emter, John Shaeffer, Tim Yeaton, Joan Severtson, Dave Jewett, Zack Zephier, Steve Christensen, Jason Ramsdell, Derek Burshiem, Mike Fargen and Mayor Sutton. The goal, Sutton said, is to determine if and how the golf course can be a sustainable future asset for the community. The golf course volunteers who helped run the course appealed to the city to become more of a partner in running the entity or take it over altogether. It has been difficult to maintain continuity of staffing and even to keep the facility open in recent years due to severe flooding. “We will be open to considering all options in the future,” Sutton said. “I can only speak for myself, but having a golf course is a quality of life benefit that our community and others can benefit from. I would hate to see Flandreau without. The city has taken no formal action regarding the golf course, although it has authorized and paid for a flood mitigation and restoration plan for the current golf course in 2020. The analysis was carried out by Wyss Associates , Inc. of Rapid City.
A request to offer longtime receptionist and accounts payable staff, Betty Von Eye, a raise. This application was approved largely due to Von Eye’s dedication to the city and the public and his tenure in this role and his current rate was below the median for other communities of similar size. “She excelled in her role as city receptionist,” Turnquist said. “She is reliable, timely and a friendly face for community members when they come in for services, with questions or to pay their utility bill.” Von Eye has been in the role since 2005 and has seen a rise to prominence for several years. Pederson added that because Betty may retire in the coming years, the step up is important to prepare for the expectations of anyone who may apply for the position in the future. A brief conversation about salaries for other positions in the city, including city police, followed, especially as the city finds it increasingly difficult to fill vacancies in many areas. The conversation is one that the board agreed needs to take place in greater depth at a future meeting.
A thank you to Council Alderman Bob Pesall for his years of service. Pesall joined the city council in 2014. He is leaving office as he both plans to leave the city limits, but more imminently as he takes on a new role as a 3rd Circuit Magistrate Judge. Two other people from his parish have expressed interest in the position. Mayor Sutton said conversations are ongoing at this time. These two people will be invited to the next public meeting. Council members expect to make one appointment for this position until the next election.