Milwaukee Chamber Theater welcomes new production manager

The addition of a passionate and driven professional to any theater company is always a welcome development, and Noele Stollmack joining Milwaukee Chamber Theater as its new Production Manager is exactly that. Her love for acting, coupled with her longevity in the industry, makes her a valuable addition to the theater company. “I’m thrilled to be working in a theater company again,” says Stollmack. “And I’m thrilled to be in the Third Ward.”

Raised in a family centered on the theater, her father a television director and her older sister an actress, she spent her childhood immersed in the world of performance. “Acting was the natural progression for me from an early age,” says Stollmack. “I have always been to the theatre.

Throughout his career, Stollmack has gained extensive experience, both in lighting and production management. She has lit up some of the world’s most awe-inspiring stages, including Carnegie Hall, Santa Fe Opera House, Sydney Opera House, Library of Congress Theatre, Houston Grand Opera and many more. As a production manager, Stollmack spent 18 years at the Florentine Opera in Milwaukee. Before that, she worked at Tina Packer’s Shakespeare and Co. in Massachusetts. “I’m really excited to work with the city’s theater group,” says Stollmack.

She looks forward to an upcoming season of intimate and gripping shows, such as Where did we sit on the bus? which combines theatre, concert, poetry and solo performance. “It will truly be a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience,” says Stollmack. “I look forward to continuing their mission. They seek to be representative of the community we live in, inclusive and diverse.

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