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Meeting report / June 22 | Legal notices

CITY OF LEXINGTON MUNICIPAL COUNCIL LEXINGTON, NEBRASKA A regular meeting of Lexington City Council was held on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at Lexington Town Hall, 406 E. 7th Street, Lexington, Nebraska at 5:30 p.m. Council members present were John Fagot, John Salem, Dora Vivas, Steve Smith and Jeremy Roberts. City officials in attendance were City Manager Joe Pepplitsch, Deputy City Manager Dennis Burnside, City Attorney Brian Copley, Chief Financial Officer Barb Hodges and City Clerk Pamela Baruth. The press was represented by the Clipper-Herald and the Tri-City Tribune. NOTICE: Notice of the meeting has been given in advance, by publication in the Lexington Clipper-Herald, the designated method of giving notice, as indicated by the Affidavit of Publication attached to these minutes. Notice of this meeting has been given simultaneously to the mayor and all members of council, and a copy of their acknowledgment of receipt of the notice and agenda is attached to these minutes. The availability of the agenda was communicated in advance and in the notice to the mayor and council of this meeting. The deliberations presented below took place while the convened meeting was open to the public. All items presented and discussed on the agenda were available for public inspection. CALL TO ORDER: The meeting is opened by Mayor Fagot. Fagot informed the public that the Open Meetings Act is displayed in the meeting room at Lexington Town Hall, 406 E. 7th Street, Lexington, Nebraska. ORDINARY MEETING MINUTES 6-8-2021: The minutes of the regular meeting held on Tuesday June 8, 2021 are presented. Moved by Roberts, seconded by Smith, to approve the minutes as presented. Call. The “yes” votes were Vivas, Salem, Smith, Roberts, Fagot. Motion carried. CLAIMS AND INVOICES: Claims and invoices in the amount of $ 1,690,677.02 have been presented for consideration and approval by Council. After reviewing the claims and invoices listed, moved by Salem, seconded by Vivas, to approve the claims and invoices as listed, and authorize the city treasurer to transfer $ 322,214.65 from the general fund, $ 95,590.18 from the Street Fund, $ 1,224,998.14 from LEXUS, 32,191.55 Sanitation, $ 602.94 from Ambulance, $ 12,508.79 from the Health Fund and $ 2,570.77 from Meals on Wheels to the Town of Lexington operating account. Call. The “yes” votes were Smith, Roberts, Vivas, Salem, Fagot. Motion carried. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Acromat Jntrl Spls 1261.74 Allfasteners Spls 55.37 Associated Supply Co Pl Chmcls 5101.60 B&H Services / Service Master Clng Svc 5457.31 Baker & Taylor Bks 443.94 Bank of America: Amazon Silt Fnc 118.60 Caseys General Store Meals 21.76 Struth Facebooker DHHS5.00 Central Register 4 July 5K 22.17 League NE Municipalities Wbnr 435.00 Missouri Quilt Co Sbscrptn 51.30 National Assn of School Resource Officers Mbrshp / Pinkelman 40.00 NE Law Enforcement Training Center Tstg Fee / Robb 100.00 NE Water Environment Assn Conf 90.00 Sams Club Spls 135.21 Sprinkler Warehouse US Prts 635.61 Service Pstg 329.05 Walmart Spls 137.79. Bauer Built Tire & Service Reps 34.00 Beverly Bogle Louthan Fee PC Pro 1200.00 Brooks Gary E & Cheryl L / Meridian Rentals Trmr Line 143.94 C&S Truck & Salvage Prts 488.86 CashWa Distributing Fd / Spls 4248.89 Cengage Learning Bks 119.96 Center Point Bks 185.45 Bks Ch. Hy El Reb 500.00 Conney Safety Spls 332.61 Core & Main Mtrs 4,108.80 Partner Countries Cooperative Hrbcd / Spls 334.31 Danko Emergency Equipment Unfrm Exp 75.41 Davis Energy Fuel / Oil 356.20 Dawson County 2021 Intrlcl Rd Prjt / Dawson Co 41400.00 Deterdings Pl. Dollar Tree Stores El Reb 434.00 Eakes Spls 426.60 Edgewater Insurance Endrsmnt / Eqpmt Fltr 93.00 Electric Engineering & Equipment Prts 100.94 Fagot Refrigeration & Electric Prts / Reps 128.65 Family Advocacy Network Sbscrptn 1000.00 Fastenal Spls O. Co Lab Sps 1402.40 Hanson Courtn ey B Pl Oprtr Crtfctn 40.00 Clms 4503.62 Hiland Dairy Foods Dairy 290.51 Holbein Dahlas Trck Maint / Fuel / Clng 1500.00 Holmes Plumbing & Heating Supply Bckflw Rep 108.25 Homeier Ventures / Bobs True Value Spls 39.52 IGS ORIX Solar I Slr Pwks Services John Deere Financial / Landmark ImplementReps / Prts 2194.65 KBC Inc / Johnstone Supply Spls 12.59 Kirks Trenching & Septic Svc / Johnny on the Spot Prtbl Rntl 75.00 LEXUS Utils 43570.41 Lex City Payroll Compt: PR Socages 195916.87 Sec Emplyr Prtn. 76 Union Bank Emplyr Prtn. 76 / FICA Med 147 / Pnsn 5021.03 Union Bank & Trust Pol Pnsn 3440.07 ICMA CM Pnsn 951.23 Lex Recreation Program Arbitrator Pymts 500.00 Lien Inc Sprnklr Reps 1430.26 Matheson TriGas Inc Oxygen 32.95 Mead Lumber Prts / 7.39 Mer Southern Living Books Bks 40.56 Meritain Prem. Waste Equipment Prts 1075.00 Midland Scientific Lab Spls 309.31 Midwest Radar & Equipment Trng Mtrls 240.0 0 NE Law Enforcement Training Center Mtrl Fees 135.00 NPPD O&M 169441.85 NPPD Pwr 807444.14 NEland Tire Oil / Lube 185.69 Nelson Dan El Reb 1050.00 OReilly Auto Parts Prts 13.96 Paulsen Inc Lmstn 757.56 Peavey Corp / Lynn Principal Peavey Co Tst D.DS01 27.95 Premen Jerrold A El Reb 100.00 Rose Holdings / Rose Equipment St Swpr Prts 505.44 Sirchi Acquisition Co Kts / Spls 168.04 Standard Insurance Co Life Ins Prem 1046.15 Smith Chris El Reb 2100.00 Statewide Collection Fee 478.40 Straight-Line Stripping Pnt Strpg / Pnt Aplctn 8761.70 TO Haas Tire Co Reps 54.18 USave Pharmacy / Business Equipment Spls 823.76 US Foods Fd / Spls 463.44 Verizon Wireless Cell Svc 370.20 Baker & Taylor Bks 102.74 Barco Municipal Products Tls 128.81 Bauer Built Tires 214.44 CashWa Distributing Fd / Spls 1094.55 Chesterman Co Bvrgs 2947 Frnch. In Sanitation Sntn Fees 32191.55 Davis Energy Fuel 6067.43 Deterdings Pl Chmcls 701.80 Fremarek Inc Spls 352.20 Health Claims Clms 7624.17 Lex Health Fund Slf-Fndg 43382.92 Lundeen-Isaacson Inc Veh Ins Prem 80.00 Mead Lumber Spls / Parts 35.48 Midlands Contracting / Johnson Service Co Clean & Vac / Lft Stns / Strm Swr / Mns 6900.00 Miller & Associates Pro Svcs Pro Pinnae 116,00 NEland Tire Oil / L 2016 Fr Pmpr Ln 68090.50 DHHS / Public Health Environmental Lab Tstg 1984.00 United States Treasury 2021 PCORI Fees 381.00 Village Cleaners Inc Spls 58.12 VSP-Vision Care Prem 1105.82 YMCA of the Prairie Mbrshps 1234.00 TTL CLMS: 1690677.02 FINANCIAL REPORT: Moved by Smith, seconded Roberts, to accept the financial report for May 2021. Roll call. The “yes” votes were Vivas, Salem, Roberts, Smith, Fagot. Motion carried. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Nola Reed asked Council questions regarding road signs and the rules and regulations for the city’s cemeteries. REQUEST FROM LEVY: Resolution # 2021-15 has been presented. After discussion, moved by Vivas, seconded by Salem, to approve resolution 2021-15. Call. The “yes” votes were Smith, Roberts, Salem, Vivas, Fagot. Motion carried. RESOLUTION NO. 2021-15 WHEREAS the Lexington Airport Authority has requested the allocation of a portion of the City of Lexington’s property tax for budgetary purposes. BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the City of Lexington, Nebraska, that $ 150,000.00 from the City of Lexington Property Tax Levy Authority be hereby allocated to the Lexington Airport Authority for the fiscal year 2021 -2022. Adopted and approved this 22nd day of June 2021. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE: Pepplitsch has reviewed overdue accounts receivable balances which have been determined to be uncollectible. After discussion, it was moved by Roberts, seconded by Smith, to authorize staff to withdraw bad accounts receivable balances as presented. Call. The “yes” votes were Vivas, Salem, Smith, Roberts, Fagot. Motion carried. PAY REQUEST: Pepplitsch has reviewed Pay Request # 2 for Paulsen Inc.’s East Annex Phase I Improvements Project in the amount of $ 285,962.13. Following a discussion and project update, it was moved by Smith, seconded by Salem, to approve Paulsen Inc. Payment Request # 2 as presented. Call. The “yes” votes were Vivas, Roberts, Salem, Smith, Fagot. Motion carried. BIDS: Pepplitsch reviewed a bids table for the 2021 Lexington Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project and contract award, noting that the lowest bidder was Walters-Morgan Construction Inc. with a bid of $ 7,540,431. He said the bid was well within the project budget and recommended awarding a contract. Following the discussion, it was moved by Salem, seconded by Vivas, to accept the offers for the Lexington Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement Project in 2021, to award the contract to Walters-Morgan Construction Inc. and authorize the City Manager to execute all necessary contract and project documents. Call. The “yes” votes were Smith, Roberts, Vivas, Salem, Fagot. Motion carried. ARPA FUND: Pepplitsch reviewed a request for an allocation of funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund. He explained that the use of the allocated funds will be described once the request is approved. After discussion, it was moved by Smith, seconded by Roberts, to approve the request for funding from ARPA funds and to authorize the execution of the necessary documents. Call. The “yes” votes were Vivas, Salem, Roberts, Smith, Fagot. Motion carried. MEAL PROGRAM: Pepplitsch reviewed an annual operating contract with the West Central Area Agency on Aging for the meal program for fiscal year 2022. Moved by Roberts, seconded by Vivas, to approve the operating contract as that presented and to authorize the execution of the necessary documents. Call. The “yes” votes were Smith, Salem, Vivas, Roberts, Fagot. Motion carried. ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Pepplitsch provided an update on current projects. Burnside announced that the town received the Friend of Tourism Award from the Lexington Chamber of Commerce at its recent banquet for the Orientation Project. ADJOURNMENT: As there was no further business before Council, Fagot declared the meeting adjourned. John Fagot, Mayor Pamela Baruth, City Clerk I, the undersigned City Clerk of the City of Lexington, Nebraska, hereby certifies that all matters included in the above deliberations were on the agenda for the meeting, held permanently up to date and available for public inspection at the City Clerk’s office during normal business hours prior to said meeting that the minutes of the Mayor and Council of the City of Lexington, Nebraska, from which the above deliberations were taken, were in written form and available for public comment within ten business days and prior to the next convened meeting of said body ; that all media requesting notification of the meeting of said body have been informed in advance of the time and place of such meeting and of the matters to be discussed at said meeting. / s / Pamela Baruth, Registrar ZNEZ-Je26

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