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I’m doing America’s People’s Campaign

By Wade Balkonis, AEM Director of Grassroots Advocacy —

As AEM’s Grassroots Advocacy Campaign Director, i make america, I am always looking for new ways to involve the 2.8 million men and women in the equipment manufacturing industry in supporting pro-manufacturing policies. While technology has made engagement easier than ever, the personal connection you can make in a face-to-face setting is still the hallmark of our program and what sets us apart from similar campaigns.

It is through these facility visits to member companies across the country that the AEM advocacy team can connect with company management and employees to share the positive impact the i make america grassroots campaign done. Visits also give us the unique chance to show our members that we are only as strong as the companies and employees who support us. While the pandemic disrupted these visits until recently, in 2022 we set out to reconnect with our i make america fans and build momentum for the equipment manufacturing industry and the markets it serves.

This year, as more and more establishments reopen their doors, we had the opportunity to reintroduce the i make america to member companies through an interactive presentation and call to action that should engage our community. So far we have been able to visit employees from GS Global Services, Vacuworx, PACCAR Winch and DitchWitch – with many more such visits on the schedule.

During these educational visits, we mobilize grassroots support, company by company, educating employees about the power of associations, grassroots organizations and what we can achieve together. At each location, we strive to strengthen our community of over 40,000 supporters and encourage them to help spread the word. Grassroots advocacy allows organizations to tap into the strength of their workforce and fight for policies that impact everyone. Thanks to technology, there are new ways to connect with policy makers and influence the decisions made by putting our issues on their radar. Not only that, but we also encourage greater participation through our Action Hub,, and seeks to send more tweets, letters, emails and interactions to state and federal lawmakers.

i make america will continue to advocate for the equipment manufacturing industry by bringing the industry’s most pressing issues directly to the attention of decision makers at the state and federal levels. We are unwavering in our commitment to create and protect jobs, invest in rural America, support free and fair trade, and encourage more competition to grow our industry, but we cannot do it alone!

If you would like to engage further with i make america or want information on arranging an educational tour in person or digitally, learn more about issues affecting the equipment manufacturing industry and join the tens of thousands of men and women across the country who fight every day for pro-manufacturing policies – please send me an email and let’s start today!

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