Hard to Believe: NJ Is Now a “Border State” on Illegal Migration


United States President Joe Biden has ended what is commonly known as Title 42.

Title 42 allowed the United States to prevent asylum seekers in general and at the Texas-Mexico border from entering America.

Title 42 was put in place by outgoing President Donald Trump. It’s a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It offers the possibility of controlling the issue of illegal immigration to America during a health crisis.

During the Biden presidency, a projection of over 2 million illegal migrants is expected to enter America. This was before the end of title 42.

The southern border has become a serious problem as everyone from (oppressed) wonderful people, to drug cartels, human traffickers, and MS13 gang members pour into America on a regular basis… essentially unchecked.

The projection is that more than 18,000 illegal migrants enter America every day. The end of Title 42 takes effect from next month.

On the one hand, Biden says the pandemic is over…so Title 42 should be over.

Yet at the same time, the Biden administration expanded face mask wearing on planes, trains, buses and other public transportation.

You can’t have it both ways. Either the pandemic is over or it is not. You can’t have it both ways and allow the massive resumption of illegal immigration…while requiring the wearing of masks because of the pandemic.

This means that New Jersey and all other states are now the equivalent of border states, as illegals are/will be transported to states across the country.

This currently happens on a regular basis with little or no communication or coordination with states.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is so concerned about the uncontrollable invasion of illegal immigration into the state of Texas that he has formulated a policy to transport illegal immigrants entering Texas to Washington D.C. .

Abbott led a busload of illegal migrants today less than two blocks from the Texas White House.

This is Abbott’s third migrant bus to Washington, DC since announcing his response to Biden’s lack of involvement in America’s border crisis.

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