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Florida Supply Chain Summit Brings Industry Leaders Together to Solve Global Problems

This week, more than 200 business leaders from across the state are in Tampa for the 4th Annual Florida Supply Chain Summit. The three-day event brings together key players from all industries with one goal in mind: to advance Florida as a hub of global commerce.

This year’s summit places greater emphasis on streamlining systems that are still under strain due to the pandemic and global shortages.

“We have a packed schedule and we’re trying to educate the world about Florida. It’s booming and it’s where supply chain can happen,” said Elaine Singleton, steering committee of the Florida Supply Chain Summit 2022.

Business owners, CEOs, start-ups and students are all at the Alba Hotel in Tampa for the group’s first in-person conference since 2019.

“Supply Chain Logistics is a focal point for the State of Florida as one of the fastest growing businesses in the state. We felt it was one of the best places for us to be able to connect with government and municipal leaders,” said OneRail Founder & CEO William Catania.

The OneRail company from Catania is a delivery logistics platform that helps solve the problem of last mile delivery. Although the company has only been around for a few years, it has already experienced significant growth and now works with over nine million delivery drivers as well as some of the largest shippers in the world including PepsiCo, Advanced Auto Parts and Tractor Supply.

“It gives our customers the ability to do what Amazon does, which is delivered on time and very quickly,” Catania said.

The summit provides an opportunity for CEOs like Catania to share their company’s success and collaborate with other businesses to help them grow and advance Florida as a global business hub.

Florida’s ports play an important role in the growth of this hub and are a major component of the state’s economy that sets it apart from the rest of the world.

“They employ so many Floridians that they really create an economic development opportunity to create jobs and high wages,” said TJ Villamil, senior vice president of Enterprise Florida.

Potential jobs and high salaries are exactly what USF students like supply chain management Major Mitchell Tosi have in mind as they head to the conference.

“The opportunities are endless in the supply chain and being here at the epicenter where all the employers are and where the topics are discussed is very exciting,” Tosi said.

The conference will last until Wednesday, March 23.