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As we write this Saturday, at FishOn, we are opening the hatches and summoning all hands on deck to muster our tropical storm resources in calm first and foremost.

The water? To verify. Candles? To verify. Battery? We don’t need stinky batteries. We bought our Ronco Little Atom Mini Nuclear Reactor just for these emergencies.

It is never a simple task to write before a major weather event is expected. Not to overstate the obvious, but you just don’t know, you know?

We don’t want to downplay the potential dangers of hurricanes. These are just surreal experiences.

We’ve been in a few. The first – and worst – was when we were just a tiny FishOner living in North Carolina. The power is gone, everything is dark except for the candles. The wind howls. It was as if we were rushing into space with the windows down.

Sometimes at FishOn we think we maybe know too much about our weather. Or at least too much, too soon. He dominates everything. We harnessed our carts to the powerful algorithm and handed over the keys to the computer models.

Here is the hope that Henry breathed in us, veering into a dark and harmless place in the Atlantic, leaving everyone in the shape of a boat.

And this Henri? Who is this man? Is it Henri Matisse? Henri from Toulouse-Lautrec ? O Henri? They, we can handle.

But my God! If this is Henri Richard of the Montreal Canadiens ‘hated Bleu Blanc Rouge, you better watch out for the can opener elbows in the corners and batting work that will leave you looking like Gerry Cheevers’ mask.

For whom the bell works

You may have bumped into Morgan Bell, perhaps while growing up in Gloucester or later when she did a great job of liaising as Regional Director and Fisheries Policy Officer to Representative Seth Moulton in the Cape Ann commercial fishing industry relations.

Bell has a new gig.

The National Fisheries Institute, a commercial fishing trade group, announced last week that it has hired Bell as the new director of public policy.

“We are delighted to have Morgan on board,” said NFI vice president for government affairs Robert DeHaan. “She brings a unique perspective to our work that combines fisheries policy and sustainability with trade and commerce. It is a valuable mix that will greatly benefit NFI members.

Bell did his undergraduate education at Wheaton College in Norton and obtained a Masters of Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of International Affairs at Tufts University.

“From policy and funding issues on (Capitol) to the promotion of sustainable aquaculture and blue technological innovation, seafood is a common thread in my professional and academic work as well as in my personal journey”, Bell said. “Joining NFI is a natural step, and I am excited about the challenge. “

Weekly FishOn Baseball Question

On that day in 1975, the White Sox Wobbles beat the Red Sox 6-4 at Fenway Park. Catcher ChiSox that day was instrumental in one of Boston’s greatest sports stories of all time. who was he? The answer, like fire, is below.

Sharks, ho

Sharks were back in the news last week, which should make our pal Bob Masjoan happy at Crow’s Nest. He’s all sharks, all the time.

Once, during Shark Week, a lost Irishman, we’ll call Cormac, asked Bob to turn the bar’s biggest TV into a European Cup football game instead of the Shark Party. His request was rejected with extreme pelagic prejudices.

Either way, no shortage of sharks last week. A viral video showed a herd of sharks – white, blue and others – feasting on the carcass of a dead humpback whale on the Stellwagen Shoal as an intrepid shark researcher on a tagging project lingered in his sea ​​kayaking a few meters.

We? We would have requisitioned a Los Angeles-class submarine.

Then came a photo of a fisherman – we spied it on the radio station WOKQ 97.5 website – of a huge hammerhead shark swimming somewhere off the coast of Maine, looking for the world. whole as the most evil creature on the planet.

The accompanying story says that hammer attacks on humans are rare – only 16 documented worldwide, none fatal.

The article also said that hammerhead sharks are more afraid of us than we are. At FishOn, we’re here to tell you that this isn’t even true from afar.

FishOn Baseball Questions Answered Weekly

The Pale Hose receiver that day was Pete Varney, the all-star Harvard football tight end in 1968 and the final two-point conversion receiver for Crimson’s 29-29 “win” over Yale. – considered one of the greatest college footballers. games of all time.

Varney has only played 69 games in four years in the majors. But dig this: The Boston native, starting in 1966 while at Deerfield Academy, has been drafted seven times by major league teams. It must be a record. And he’s already been traded for Blue Moon Odom.

Blue Moon. Good name for a shark.

As always, no fish were harmed during the production of this column.

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