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Major German broadcasters, film producers and streaming companies unveiled a new environmental initiative on Friday, agreeing to take a more sustainable approach to film and TV production.

The so-called “Green Shooting” initiative will see producers and commissioners commit to respecting certain minimum ecological standards, such as the use of LED projectors on the set, the switch to vegetarian food in canteens and avoidance short-haul flights, or the change to train travel for the crew. , to reduce their environmental impact.

A large group of film and television production companies, including giants Constantin Film, Bavaria Film, Studio Hamburg and UFA, have joined the initiative, as well as major commercial networks RTL, ProSiebenSat.1, and Sky and public broadcasters ZDF, WDR, BR, NDR, SWR, RBB and the state-controlled commercial production group Degeto. Netflix is ​​committed to the Green Shooting initiative for all of its German commissions.

German state funding bodies in the states of Hesse, Baden-Württemberg and Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein will make new environmental standards a requirement for most production funding under their programs. The regional donors MDM and Nordmedia are also committed to the process, subject to the approval of their respective supervisors.
The Green Shooting program is voluntary but signatories will be required to meet certain minimum ecological standards, from 2022.

The main professional association of German actors, the Bundesverband Schauspiel, the film editors, the Bundesverband Filmschnitt Editor and the technical support staff, the Verband Technischer Betriebe für Film & Fernsehen, all support the initiative. The German Film Academy and the producer association Allianz Deutscher Produzenten recommend that their members comply with the new ecological standards. However, they call on commissioners and state funding bodies to increase support to cover the additional costs of productions going green.

To qualify for the Green Shooting initiative, a film or television series must meet at least 18 of the 21 “must have specifications”. Before starting a shoot, producers must submit a sustainability report which will be verified by the sponsoring broadcaster or streamer, or the film’s funding agency supporting the production. Alternatively, this control can be delegated to an external entity set up by the Green Shooting initiative within the audit company PwC. All approved final reports will be kept in the audit entity for statistical purposes. Eligible productions will be awarded a “green motion” label.

The minimum ecological standards were developed by a working group that examined 100 German film and television productions that voluntarily converted to a more environmentally sustainable production method in 2020 and 2021.

Carl Bergengruen, Managing Director of MFG and Head of the Green Shooting Working Group, said the initiative was “an important first step” towards creating a common ecological standard in Germany for all film, TV and streaming productions. .

The move towards a more sustainable entertainment industry comes as Germany’s Green Party is in negotiations with center-left Social Democrats and pro-business-friendly Free Democrats to form the country’s next government to replace the center-left coalition. right led by Angela Merkel who has ruled Germany for the past 16 years. Environmental issues and the goal of making Germany a CO2 neutral country are key elements of the Green Party platform.

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