European Commission approves Malta program for migration fund

The European Union Funds Parliamentary Secretariat has announced that the European Commission has approved the Malta Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for the financial period 2021-2027.

The fund helps European Union (EU) Member States to cope with the influx of migrants, in particular by providing asylum facilities, strengthening solidarity between Member States and creating more mechanisms to support most affected countries from the least affected countries.

Malta has received €52.3 million in EU funds for the sector.

“In 2020, Prime Minister Robert Abela successfully negotiated and secured Malta’s largest ever EU funding package. Subsequently, in recent months, the Maltese government has conducted ongoing negotiations with the European Commission on how our country will invest these funds through different programs,” said a government statement.

Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds, Chris Bonett, welcomed the approval of the first program by the European Commission.

“Prime Minister Robert Abela managed to secure an allocation for Malta of €2.25 billion, which is double the amount we had available under the 2014-2020 programme. We therefore had a duty to do an important job by coming up with clear ideas of where and how we were going to do projects for people with those funds,” he said.