Ebony Media launches production platform dedicated to black culture – The Hollywood Reporter

Ebony Media has launched an all-inclusive, full-service production platform to develop and produce content exploring the diverse spectrum of black culture.

Known as Ebony Studios, the platform will amplify the voices of established and emerging people of color with the aim of illuminating and reflecting Black experiences and perspectives. The studio will cover film, television, audio and digital programming, and will be a key part of Ebony Media – which was relaunched last year as the first digital brand – and its strategic expansion.

“The name EBONY is synonymous with black culture accumulating over 75 years of history chronicling black life and black perspective,” said Michele Ghee, CEO of Ebony Media Group. “With the launch of EBONY Studios, we are well positioned to leverage these attributes which are organically an important part of brand identity, enabling us to create a home for black creators and a diverse universe of content for the market. in a new, exciting and very real way.

Media veteran Ty Cameron will serve as president of Ebony Studios and will be responsible for overall platform management, business development and strategic growth. He was previously head of distribution for sports media company Uninterrupted, LLC, founded by LeBron James, and worked at companies including CBS Television and BET Networks.

“While the launch of EBONY Studios marks a new frontier and a new model for the company, Ebony has always been and still represents the authentic voice of black life,” Cameron said. I can promise that we will stay true to these core ideals, creating premium content that is accessible to everyone, but seen from a black perspective.

Ghee said of Cameron: “I’m thrilled to bring Ty and the incredible wealth of experience he brings with him on board to drive the brand forward. This new initiative represents an incredible opportunity to expand our market expansion and further position EBONY as a leader in the content creation space.

Nathaniel Calloway will serve as the senior creative executive at Ebony Studios, taking responsibility for development efforts spanning podcasts, documentaries, scripted series and feature film projects.

One of Ebony Studios’ inaugural projects is the documentary film Sincerely Los Angeles by director Patrick Green. The project chronicles the immediate aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s death and how the city coped with the tragedy.

Ebony Studios will strengthen the Ebony brand by generating opportunities in licensing, distribution, advertising, original programming, e-commerce, partnerships and more.