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Delegation, arms folded, brewery expansion – The Rocky Mountain Goat

By Michael Piasetzki

The Valemount council meeting took place on September 28, 2021. Mayor Owen Torgeson opened the meeting.

The meeting began with a delegation from the Valemount Community Forest (VCF). Ray Mikolash, Forest Fire Officer and Community Forest Manager, as well as Gordon Carson, retired businessman, lumberjack and sawmill operator and vice president of community forest, spoke to the council.

Mikolash and Carson have expressed concerns about the proposed rules contained in Policy 81, which explains how directors of village-owned businesses are appointed, how many councilors sit on the board, and conflict of interest rules that discourage board members. directors also work for the company. . Mikolash explained that in 2018, the village of Valemount split the community forest into two limited liability companies. The company was divided primarily for tax purposes. Carson went on to explain that there is now a conflict in the articles between the two companies. Therefore, if policy 81 were adopted, the board would violate the VIP articles and the business would not be able to operate legally. (Editor’s note: a report to amend the articles was on the agenda, but had not yet been discussed in the meeting).

Mikolash and Carson asked council to defer adoption of policy 81 and to arrange a meeting between council and community forestry council to agree these articles and discuss further the role of council to council and line conflicts. guidelines in policy. Policy 81 guidelines include at least two elected councilors from the village of Valemount, one staff member (non-voting) from the village of Valemount and other directors made up of community members with business, financial and appropriate skills. identified by the company and the Village of Valemount.

Mikolash pointed out that it would be very difficult to recruit volunteer board members with skills and knowledge and not have a perceived conflict of interest if Policy 81 was adopted. Carson said at the proposed meeting, the VCF and the Board could discuss the perceived conflict of interest and how it applies to the VCF and the VIP.

Councilor Blanchette asked if Mikolash and Carson had a timeline in mind for their request. Carson replied that he didn’t know how long it would take but that it would take place after the joint meeting. Mikolash pointed out that the board only meets once a month.

Accounts Payable Report
The Board approved the accounts payable report.

Building inspection report
The Council approved the summary report on the application of the regulations.

Supply and installation of municipal diesel and generator set
Staff issued a request for quotation for the supply and installation of a diesel generator set for the municipal office. ICI Electrical Engineering Ltd. assisted staff in drawing up the schematics and was estimated to cost approximately $ 100,000. Two offers were received, both over $ 400,000.

Councilor Pearson said he was surprised at the 400 percent difference in costs. Mayor Torgerson agreed and said there was a chance the council would look at sources other than diesel. He suggested that solar power is quite low at the moment and the battery capacity is improving.

Arm of the Canadian National Passage
Council approved the recommendation to ask the Canadian Transportation Agency to reduce the village’s share of the cost of installing railway ties at the two village crossings from 25 percent to 12.5 percent of the total cost. . Mayor Torgerson stressed that the recommendation does not guarantee that the whistles stop.

Guests and delegations from the Valemount Housing Committee
Council considered a recommendation that the Valemount Housing Committee be authorized to invite a representative of the Fraser-Fort George regional district and Myles Bruns, regional director, MFLNRO Economic Development Department, to the next housing committee meeting on 14 October 2021. Councilor Blanchette has requested an amendment. This council also authorizes the housing committee to invite whoever it wants without having to go to council each time. Council approved the amended motion.

Brewery development permit
Council has given its initial approval for Planning Permit 21-03 and Planning Variance Permit 21-02, at 1160 5th Avenue.

Three Ranges Brewing Company is applying for a development permit to construct a 20 ‘x 27’ addition to the rear of the existing building. The building is to accommodate the upgraded electrical services required for the installation of larger brewing equipment and to create additional production space. Councilor Pearson expressed concern about a drastic jump of 3 meters to 0.75 meters in an alley. However, he agreed as Public Works said it could clear the lane of snow.

Temporary use permit at 1945 Cranberry Place
Council approved the application for a temporary use permit for a motor home to be used as a residence at 1945 Cranberry Place for a period of 1 year. The land is located in zone R1.

Councilor Pearson asks the planner if there are photos of the certification label for the temporary structure. The planner said she requested photos which are on file and which were sent to the home inspector. She said this applies to all council requests.

Temporary use permit at 1133 14e Avenue
Council approved the applicant for a temporary use permit to allow the use of a bumper RV as a residence at 1133 14th Avenue for a period of one year. The land is located in zone R2. Mayor Torgerson noted that the certification sticker is not included in the application package, but has been reviewed by the home inspector.

Temporary use permit at 1070 14e avenue
Council approved a temporary use permit to allow the use of a bumper traction RV as a residence at 1070 14th Avenue for a period of one year. The land is located in zone R2.

Articles from Valemount Industrial Park
Councilor MacLean recused herself and left the room, stating that her partner was on the board. A staff report indicated that there was a gap between the composition of the Valemount Industrial Park (VIP) and the Board of Directors (CA) of the Valemount Community Forest. Since the creation of the VIP, the board of directors of both companies has been made up of the same people. Staff recommended that section 14.1 of the Valemount Industrial Park Bylaws be amended to conform to the Valemount Community Forest. Councilor Blanchette proposes to table the motion so that Council can have a conversation with the community forest. She said this is a partnership and should be honored by sitting down in a timely manner to deal with these issues together. It was decided that the meeting would take place before the next Valemount Board meeting in October. The motion has been tabled.

Modification of policy 81 concerning appointments to the board of directors of village enterprises.
The recommendation was that policy 81 be approved as presented. Councilor Blanchette also asks to postpone the question for a more in-depth discussion. The question has been tabled.

Policy Amendment 83 – Temporary Residential Buildings
The Board approved the amended policy. Council approved the amended policy which allows residents of zones RR1, R1 and R2 to apply for a temporary use permit to allow recreational vehicles to be used as short term residences. The policy has been changed to provide clearer direction regarding setbacks as well as parking and sightlines when an RV is placed in the front yard. Councilor Pearson wanted confirmation that this would be a property line measure rather than a village easement. Mayor Torgerson said yes.

Modification of municipal by-law no 849 of the village of Valemount, 2021
A recommendation was made to approve the by-law which provided for fines of $ 500 for unauthorized uses / developments, as well as non-compliance with all other zoning requirements. The proposed fine for obstructing an order official is $ 300. The amendment is adopted.

Village of Valemount Tax exemption permit
A recommendation was made for council to approve 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading of Permissive Tax Exemption By-law No.851, 2021. The by-law was amended to include approval of a 25% tax exemption for all applicants for tax year 2022. For a list of organizations, see Village announcement on page 6.

Fcity ​​royalty
Mayor Torgerson proposed to village staff to investigate whether the freedom of the city – an ancient honor bestowed on martial organizations, allowing them the privilege of marching through the city “with beating drums, flying colors and fixed bayonets.” – is a proclamation defined by village policy or “an entirely ceremonial honor, bestowed on a unit with historical ties to the region, in appreciation of their long and dedicated service”. The motion was passed for staff to research the matter.

Council reports
Each Councilor and Mayor Torgerson presented their verbal report. All reports have been received.

Public comments
Regarding the cost of the village’s diesel back-up system, Rashmi Narayan briefly said that the village might be advised to consider the new climate resilience grant from the Columbia Basin Trust which enables other sources of relief. energy.
Eugene Jamin said more people are needed at the table when it comes to the housing committee. All levels of government must be consulted and that will mean a better result in the end. He also said that the Valemount Community Forest needs people with real experience.

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