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Commercial Bank of Vietnam for Industry and Commerce: VietinBank Investor Update 3Q2022 and 9M2022


Total assets as of 09/30/2022 reach 1,751 VND, Tn (+14.3% YTD);

mainly customer loans (+10.1% since the start of the year) and investments & loans to other credit institutions (+59.8% since the start of the year).

CASA has continued to improve positively both in balance and proportion since the beginning of the year: CASA Sale reaches 243 VND, Tn (+4.2% YTD),

taken into account 20.5% of total customer deposits.

The TOI at 3Q2022 reached 17.3 VND, Tn (+41.4% yoy). Notably : (I) The NII increased by 30.9% year-on-year thanks to VietinBank’s efforts to optimize its granted credit margin and restructuring measures aimed at improving the efficiency of the credit portfolio; (ii) net income from currency trading continued to growing strongly +69.1% yoy while VietinBank continued to diversify the structure of FX products, make effective use of the existing deep customer database, and promote the development of new customers in the market.

Pre-tax profit in 3Q2022 reached 4.2 VND, Tn (+35.8% over one year) due to VietinBank’s efforts to implement measures to improve the structure of profitable assets, optimize the efficiency of capital balance, and at the same time significantly improve products and services with tech savvycontent and improve the quality of customer service, effectively deploying campaigns to attract and expand the customer database, as well as risk management and cost control.

LDR and short-term funding ratio used by medium and long term

loans complies with SBV regulations.