BBC Studioworks officially launches Kelvin Hall production center in Glasgow | New

Co-funded by the Scottish Government, through Screen Scotland and Glasgow City Council, the facility is seen as a major boost to Scotland’s ability to produce multi-genre television productions.

Covering a large area of ​​10,500 square feet, Kelvin Hall can accommodate both long-term residencies and one-time bookings for entertainment shows in multiple genres. The sound and lighting galleries are the largest that BBC Studioworks has built on its entire UK footprint.

STV Studios has become the first customer to record at the new studio, with the second series of the BBC One quiz show, bridge of lies.

In addition to installing HD facilities to ensure the best possible picture quality, Kelvin Hall has high quality audio equipment. The studios also feature resilient internet connectivity as well as wired and radio communications systems for production communications robustness, user flexibility, and performance.

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Sustainability was also a key driver in the design of the studio. As part of a larger redevelopment initiative on the site, it is reusing a previously derelict section of a historically significant building. The studio was designed without dimmers to support LED and low-power lighting technology. Reduced heat generated by energy-efficient lighting has enabled the use of air-source heat pump technology for heating and cooling, and the ventilation plant has state-of-the-art efficiency through systems heat recovery.

BBC Studioworks, alongside Screen Scotland and the NFTS, has also invested in a multi-camera TV conversion program to help people with some industry experience kick-start their careers in studio entertainment production. The intention is that this investment will continue.

Andrew Moultrie, CEO of BBC Studioworks, said: “This is an exciting new chapter for BBC Studioworks as we expand our footprint across the UK. It is also a new chapter for this historic and much-loved building. In addition to its rich and varied history, Kelvin Hall now boasts a purpose-built, future-proof studio with state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art technology.

The technical equipment installed at Kelvin Hall is as follows:

Cameras, vision mixers and monitors

  • Six Sony HDC-3200 studio cameras. The 3200 is the latest model from Sony that has a native 4K UHD image sensor and can easily be upgraded to UHD.
  • Sony XVS7000 vision selector, LMD and A9 OLED monitors for control room monitoring.

Wired and radio communication systems

  • 32 Bolero radio beltpacks with the fibre-based Artist distributed intercom platform and for external communications, VOIP codecs.
  • A SAM Sirius routing platform solution to support the most challenging applications in a live production environment and to ensure easy adoption of future technology innovations.


  • Studer Vista X Large Scale Audio Processing Solution
  • Calrec Type R Mixer Grams.
  • A Reaper multitrack recording server.


  • ETC Ion XE20 lighting desk and an ETC DMXLan lighting network.
  • 108 light bars with a mix of 16A and 32A sockets (if tungsten is required).
  • 48 Desisti F10 Vari-White Fresnels.
  • 24 ETC Source 4 Series 3 Lustr X8 coming in early 2023.

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