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The service of searching and raising a bank loan online or over the internet has now become, thanks to the development of technology, to a large mass of people.

Online bank loans are the most sought after type of lending due to fast online lending

Online bank loans

Thus, technologically (but also financially) the most developed countries, by the logical order of the first, began to offer ‘online bank lending’ services, and later with the development of the internet and introduction of the same in almost every household, this mobile lending service expanded.

Although in some of the more technologically developed parts of the world such services have been recognized for a long time and have become an indispensable financing trend to this day, ‘ online bank loans ‘ have been available to us somewhat shorter, but have been present in lending for the last ten years.

As Croatia strives to keep pace with the advancement of world technology and the development of the foreign financial market, online bank lending services have quickly become a trend in our market as well, and online lending today is one of our most sought after loans.

Online bank loans came to us at the right time

Online bank loans came to us at the right time

It is also important to note that ‘online bank lending’ appeared in our market at the right time, which also contributed to the rise in popularity soon after it emerged. They can also be used as loans without company certification.

Namely, the possibility of online fast lending, as well as online bank loans, became more widely available in our region at a time when many citizens were looking for debt relief but were no longer eligible for large loans, their long-term repayment, nor the conditions required for them.

By accelerating the pace of life and changing jobs from one permanent to two or more side jobs, there was also a need for a different way of lending – the urban pace of work and life was looking for loans that will not waste too much time and are quickly realized and for which we do not need superfluous paperwork, guarantors or surety, numerous office visits, meetings and arrangements. Thus, online bank loans have emerged at the best of times, providing an opportunity for quick lending, but also for raising smaller loans that we will not repay for years, thus tying our finances for a long period. In addition, they provided the opportunity to borrow without leaving their home.

Online bank loans are completely secure

Online bank loans are completely secure

However, there are still many skeptics who fear such lending for security reasons, but also those who have been bypassed by the information age, so the very concept of online and online bank lending is unclear to them. However, to date, there has never been a case to date that online lending or online bank lending went wrong.

Although we have all heard about hacking, it seems that in the case of banks and lending companies, online lending is completely secure for the time being, and most banks and lending institutions are fully responsible for the protection of data. Otherwise, for ‘online bank loans’, you will need to send a copy of your bank ID and current account via e-mail, mostly by mail, and an excerpt showing the last three months of your income.

A service that is popular despite bad trends

A service that is popular despite bad trends

More than security, which is obviously not a problem, the Croats are still at the bottom in terms of financial knowledge, namely among the 29 countries in which the financial literacy survey was conducted, Croatia is at the lowest, 27th place. Another worrying fact is the knowledge of computer science, especially since, at least until the announced school reform, it is not even a compulsory subject in elementary school (just for comparison, let’s mention that Chinese are learning basic coding and programming in the first grade!), So research on our information literacy is devastating. as much as she does about financial a show that 40 percent of adults between the ages of 25 and 60 have never turned on their computer!

However, despite the devastating picture of our financial and IT literacy, online lending has also been an online success that can be ignored, so we will assume that the majority of young people who are educated and those who are older who make the internet work are inevitable ; be it for ordering goods online and paying for them, social networks, internet banking that some use to pay bills, etc… The internet has proven to be an indispensable part of the financial world because of the speed of things, so it is no wonder that nowadays it is normal to use it for online loans – which may be in your account within 15 minutes of the online submission of the Bank’s loan documentation.


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