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B2B payments today: Hippo, Melio, Capital One

Today, in B2B payments, Hippo’s CFO is embracing a workflow overhaul and Capital One is teaming up with Melio on accounts payable solutions. Additionally, MessageDesk and Sphere discuss SMS billing, FourQ launches intercompany financial management tools, and Credijusto acquires a bank to serve cross-border SMEs.

Hippo CFO: CFOs shouldn’t be afraid of the overhaul

Invoice-To-Pay makes the jump to text messaging

Text messaging was not originally designed for business users, but technology has become a key strategy in bridging the gap between an organization and its customers. Ryne Natzke of Sphere and Clint Vernon of MessageDesk are exploring the possibility for accounts receivable workflows to shift to SMS and also reduce the gap between invoice and payment.

Melio, Capital One team on PA management tools

Mexican FinTech Credijusto buys bank to serve X-Border SMEs

Mexican FinTech Company Credijusto bought Banco Finterra, a bank geared towards financial offerings for small businesses and the agricultural sector, according to a Tuesday (June 15) ad. Credijusto says it’s the first Mexican FinTech to buy a regulated bank, turning into the only neobank in Latin America focused on working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

FourQ launches business-to-business financial management partnership

FourQ rolled out a partner program for technology providers, consulting firms, and professional services firms for vendor tax, billing and payment solutions to help with business-to-business financial management on a Tuesday, June 15. Press release mentionned. The statement said the program will remove the complexities of doing global business. FourQ processes more than $ 34 billion annually in 110 countries and works on automated intercompany processing.



About the study: The AI ​​In Focus: The Bank Technology Roadmap is a research and interview report examining how banks are using artificial intelligence and other advanced IT systems to improve credit risk management and other aspects of their operations. The Playbook is based on a survey of 100 banking executives and is part of a larger series assessing the potential of AI in finance, healthcare and others.

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