Ashes Of Creation’s latest update of the year shows migration to Unreal Engine 5

In the last video update of the year, Ashes of Creation Creative Director Steven Sharif introduced one of the most significant changes to the MMORPG: the migration of the MMO from Unreal Engine 4 to the latest iteration, Unreal Engine 5.

See, Ashes of creation was already gorgeous, even in her current Alpha One state. In our time with the MMO earlier this year, Shank raved about the “spectacular scenery,” constantly needing to stop and take screenshots due to the beauty of the MMO.

Well that has now been increased with improved technology from Unreal Engine 5. The video, which takes place in a snowy country to be heard during the holiday season, is stunning to watch. Snow showers fly throughout the scene, making the storm look realistic. However, the lighting really impresses, with moments such as the frozen river that Sharif crosses seeing specular lighting bounce realistically off the ice, or when the developer shows the Lumen of the UE5 inside the camera. one of the different caves in the world.

Via Sharif in the video:

“Lumen, which is one of the global lighting features offered by the UE5, will probably be the most noticeable in dungeons, as it will do a better job than the skylight, which was historically used exclusively for lighting. indirect world everywhere. Lumen actually provides a pretty realistic approach to lighting using dynamic global lighting. [which] brings the world to life. “

While the video itself also highlights player locomotion updates and showcases a bit of combat as Sharif explores the scenery, the blog post also discusses how this update can actually speed up development. .

“We want to express that in the foreground it will take us a while to fix the bugs and fix all the issues, but this has already been done. As you can see in our update, we already have gameplay at show you how we did start the transition! In the long run the UE5 is going to allow us to grow at a much faster rate with great tools for our development team. “

The latest development update is also about the environment and character art, much more, which you can watch in the integration below.

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