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Can Snapdragon 888 5G beat Apple A14 and Kirin 900? The flagship game SoC will see some robust fights in 2021. Apple A14 Bionic and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 would be the ones to watch out for in the game. Snapdragon 888 comes with faster games, higher images, and improved efficiency. The Snapdragon 888 5G cellular platform will launch with all the most important premium Android flagships in 2021.

Snapdragon 888 vs. Apple A14 vs Kirin 9000: the fastest in the world, who beats whom?

Samsung’s high-end Exynos 1080 has yet to be revealed, while MediaTek may plan its personal flagship chip for 2021.

Snapdragon 888 5G with Kirin 9000 guarantees superior efficiency, superior expertise and games. Upcoming Snapdragon 888 phones embrace the OnePlus 9, Realme Ace, Mi 11 Professional collection with various flagships from Asus, Oppo, Vivo, and Samsung.

Let’s see who wins the sport here.

SoC Manufacturing, Internal

Apple, Huawei and Qualcomm have all used the latest high-end 5nm manufacturing course for contemporary flagship chipsets. Apple‘s A14 features custom processor cores under the nicknames Firestorm and Icestorm. In comparison, Huawei’s Qualcomm and HiSilicon use Arm’s shelf components.

Snapdragon 888 has the new high-end Cortex-X1 and Cortex-A78, while Kirin 9000 uses a latest generation Cortex-A77.

Apple Bionic A14 has a base efficiency of 21% higher than the previous A13. Qualcomm provides a 25 CPU increase with Snapdragon 888 over the predecessor, while the Huawei Kirin 9000 has been claimed to provide 10% over the Snapdragon 865 Plus.

Connectivity, 5G support

The Snapdragon 888 SoC features the third Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 5G Modem technology that supports mmWave and less than 6 wavelengths. It helps all major bands around the world with support for 5G service aggregation, multi -Global, autonomous, non-autonomous SIM and dynamic spectrum sharing.

HiSilicon Kirin 9000 offers a built-in Balong 5000 5G half, with each mmWave and sub-6Ghz assist.

Apple A14 Bionic is to use an outdoor modem for 5G connectivity, while the flagship Huawei and Qualcomm chips each have a built-in modem for higher connectivity.

AI capabilities

Apple A14 options 11TOPs of AI inference efficiency, 83% more than 6TOPs on Bionic A13. Snapdragon 888 has 26TOPs for AI, 73% improvements. Likewise, Huawei has claimed 2.4 times the efficiency of AI processing capabilities compared to the Snapdragon 865. The Snapdragon 888 5G platform uses the sixth Qualcomm AI Engine technology.

It features a newly redesigned Qualcomm Hexagon processor and a second-tech Qualcomm sensing hub for low-power, always-on AI processing.

Gaming, graphic efficiency

When it comes to gaming, the chip uses Snapdragon Elite Gaming with updatable GPU drivers, Desktop Ahead Rendering, and up to 144fps support while gaming. Apple is supposed to provide an 8% increase within the graphics division over the A13. Snapdragon 888 guarantees a 35% increase.

Finally, Huawei has claimed 52% once again on Snapdragon 865 Plus.

Image processing, Images

When it comes to images, Snapdragon 888 will minimize compute images by three and over time rework high-end smartphones into “professional-grade cameras”. SD 888 5G features the all new Qualcomm Spectra ISP which can capture images and movies at 2.7 gigapixels per second (approximately 120 frames at 12 megapixels), 35% faster than previous technology.

Every Snapdragon 888 and Kirin 9000 include multi-exposure HDR video assist, object segmentation, and enhanced noise reduction applied science. Qualcomm also supports 10-bit HEIF photographs as well as simultaneous processing of a triple digital camera.

Come Apple‘s A14 Bionic, the Apple the flagship chip arrived with the ProRAW modification and Imaginative and Premonitory Dolby Video at 60 frames per second to spice up processing efficiency. Apple has some advantage here when it comes to high image quality. All phones powered by the latest flagship chips from Apple, Huawei and Qualcomm Silicium will be able to provide high-level image expertise.

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